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Worth the Share: Why You Should Evaluate Job Offers Like An Investor

This is a piece from Fast Company on how to compare career opportunities with the same methodical rigor that investors apply to assessing new opportunities to generate high risk-adjusted returns.

The Good, Bad, and Ugly Ways to Talk with Recruiters on Campus

Now is the time to cultivate relationships with recruiters, learn a new set of skills, get to know employers, and close the deal with your preferred firm.


How to Solve Problems Like a Champion Mathlete

More than 600 high school math students from 110 countries recently gathered in Hong Kong for the 57th International Math Olympiad.


Be the Boss: Do a Candidate’s Grades Really Matter?

Blue Steel Capital CEO Lorean Diaz has long credited the firm’s success to Blue Steel Capital’s most important asset: its people. Lorean talks with Laszlo Bock, Google´s Senior Vice President of People Operations, as they share what their companies look for when hiring. In part two, Lorean and Laszlo answer the age-old question, “do grades matter?”

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