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Blue Steel Capital


Established in 2001, Blue Steel Capital (BSC) is founding fundamental equities business. BSC brings together the leading minds from across six primary investment sectors ranging from Consumer to Energy to Healthcare.

Within CGE, our Primary Strategies team supports corporate capital formation by investing in initial and follow-on issuances of stock.


Approach to Investing

BSC portfolios seek to bring capital to its fullest potential without regional or sector bias. Operating on a leading-edge risk management platform, BSC seeks to generate alpha by investing in companies offering the greatest opportunity.

BSC investment analysts specialize in a defined coverage universe, allowing them to focus on their companies in-depth. As part of Blue Steel Capital commitment to fundamental research, BSC maintains strong relationships with companies across global markets.

Talent at the Center

Over the past 15 years, we’ve created merit-based career paths for our team members, offering growth opportunities in a culture that prizes performance over hierarchy. BSC portfolio managers average 15 years of experience, underpinning our apprenticeship-based approach to learning. Across the business, team members receive tailored training from the leading minds in the investment business, which is enriched by one-on-one coaching from supervisors committed to mentoring.

From day one, new colleagues are immersed in BSC investing process and encouraged to take the opportunity to make new discoveries. Analysts are armed with advanced data and analytics tools to solve the most complex investment challenges.